We are developing and producing RCS and ISAR Analysis Software


PREDICS is a fast and effective simulation tool for fast calculation of radar cross section (RCS) from electrically large and complex-shaped platforms at high frequencies. It can import CAD file of targets and calculate many physical parameters including complex scattered electric field, RCS, range profile, inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) signatures, scattering centers etc. Post processing menu provides linear, dB, polar and 2D/3D plots for easy demonstration of RCS maps and ISAR images for the simulated objects.

PREDICS provides the following electromagnetic solvers options for fast and accurate calculation of electromagnetic scattering from the object in simulation: i. Geometric optics with physical optics (GO/PO), ii. Geometric optics with physical optics and shooting-and-bouncing ray technique (GO/PO+SBR) , iii. Geometric optics with physical optics, shooting-and-bouncing ray technique and physical theory of diffraction (GO/PO+SBR+PTD).

Thanks to its parallel CPU implementation capability, PREDICS offers a very fast simulation of interesed targets.